We Did It!

At TNT Dental, we know how essential a happening social media presence can be for your business. That’s why when we noticed our Facebook page had fewer than 500 fans, we decided to get it in gear and make a big push with a campaign to raise awareness of TNT Dental. We think our company, its people, and its products are pretty great, but we needed to get the word out!

In just two months, we went from 430-something likes to over 1,000 — 1,015 at the time of this writing, to be exact. How did we accomplish this amazing feat? We combined the efforts of our employees with the goals of ChariTNT to accomplish multiple goals at once. Not only did our campaign help more people get to know TNT Dental, but we spread the word about our ChariTNT beneficiary for the holiday season, the North Texas Food Bank — and we managed to gather A LOT of food to contribute to the North Texas Food Bank, too!

The challenge? If we got to 1,000 likes by the end of December, our founding fathers The Tims would double the donations brought in by TNT Dental employees for the North Texas Food Bank. We put the word out, with every TNT Dental employee spreading the word and donating food. As you can see, the boxes filled up…

Once we hit our 1,000 likes, The Tims doubled what was in the boxes! Thanks to the generosity of our employees who brought in a lot of non-perishable food items, our food drive was a success! And, of course, we couldn’t have done it without all of our raving Facebook fans!

So thank you to everyone who liked us, to all of our employees for getting the word out and bringing in canned goods for the North Texas Food Bank, and, of course, The Tims for their generosity this holiday season. And our new year’s resolution? To keep coming up with fun and exciting ways to let more people know about TNT Dental and help our community through ChariTNT!

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