So…Why Is a Reskin So Important Anyway?

If your dental practice has been online for a while, you may feel like you can sit back, relax, and get back to the business of caring for your patients. But did you know that one of the thing search engines look for when assessing your ranking in results is how recently you’ve updated? That’s right. It makes sense that relevance is associated with how current you are. Otherwise, people would be stumbling upon now defunct practices, and their searches would be yielding less than stellar results.

What does this mean in non-geek speak? It means that if your site is more than a couple of years old, it’s probably time for an update.

Get Current To Stay Relevant

As TNT Dental grows and changes, we want to see your online presence grow and change as well. In the next few weeks we’ll be unveiling something new. It’s how we stay current in the web world. And to help you stay current, we offer reskins of existing sites. In order to keep you relevant, we refresh your copy, redo your look, and renew your efforts to reach the heights of search engine results for dental practices in your area. Remember how you wanted to relax and get back to what you do best–providing patients with oral health care instead of worrying about your online presence? Well, with a reskin from TNT Dental, you can.

Keep checking back to learn more about how TNT Dental can help your practice grow online…and get ready for our upcoming surprise!

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