Should Your Dental Team Facebook? YES!

Forbes tells us that CEOs should post on Facebook and Twitter. In the March, 2009 article by Matthew Fraser and Soumitra Dutta, we’re also told that a lot of businesses think social networking is a distraction, a time waster, or a potential management risk. One look at the modern customer service and corporate culture philosophy of Zappos or IBM (their blogs) to see that social networking is an excellent tool for business.

Though it’s not easy to find information about social networking at work for work, (most of the results have to do with disciplining employees for Facebook-ing on company time), I ran across a few posts worthy of consideration:

“I believe that employees need to be the first ones to go and post content on the fan pages. This enables their connections to be drawn into the pool and this lets the ball rolling.”
Aathira N. – LinkedIn Post

“Have a training session with the employees and talk to them on the importance of social media for the business, what your goals are, and what message you’re trying to get across. Ask them, if they choose to post on the page, to reveal that they are an employee, and have guidelines or policies on what to and what not to post.”
Jennifer A. – LinkedIn Post

That’s all fine and good for big companies, you say. But what about Facebook in the dental office?

Three words: Watertower Dental Care.

First of all, this practice features their Facebook account on the homepage of their Chicago dental website

Here’s a rundown of the last 10 Watertower Dental Care Facebook topics – by employees and patients:

  1. Vote for Watertower Dental Care as favorite Chicago dentist
  2. The doctor’s wife had a baby
  3. Photos: Employee’s dog playing with a tooth brush
  4. Free baseball tickets for first person to call the office
  5. Before and after photos
  6. Success of Smiles for Life donations by patients
  7. Photos: St. Patrick’s Day
  8. Smiles for Life announcement
  9. Patient posted a personal review/testimonial
  10. Video: Staff trip to Dominican Republic

That’s pretty awesome stuff, and it took a few minutes each month. People commented, too – which is great. This particular office has casual social networking for business down to a fine art. If you’re not sure what to do, just emulate someone who’s doing it right.

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